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Seller’s Guide

Selling your home is more than finding a buyer and closing a sale and is often one of the most important personal financial decisions you will make. Cory Holtzman’s extensive experience and educational background in real estate has led him to develop progressive and personalized real estate solutions. Cory Holtzman’s expertise in marketing, finance and contractual negotiations is the solution for successful real estate transactions. You deserve an expert that can represent you and rely on to advise you and represent your best interests. Cory specializes in houses, condos & apartment buildings including duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes. If you are considering selling your home or income property please contact Cory Holtzman for a confidential consultation.

Experience & Education

Cory Holtzman is the third generation of his family in Real Estate. As a member of a family who owns and manages property in the Los Angeles area, Cory grew up immersed in the real estate business. It was therefore natural with all of his familiarity and experience that he pursued a career in Real Estate. Cory Holtzman earned a Bachelor Degree in Business with a focus in Real Estate from California State University, Northridge along with an additional Associate Degree and Certificate in Real Estate.

Neighborhood Specialist

Cory is your West Side Real Estate Specialist.

Cory Holtzman has resided in West Los Angeles his entire life and was raised in Cheviot Hills where his parents still live. By specializing in specific neighborhoods Cory can maximize the exposure of your home due to his local expertise, networks and reputation. From local schools to the closet Starbucks Cory knows the neighborhoods. Click here to view the areas Cory Holtzman specializes in.

The Art of Negotiation

Few are born with a natural ability to negotiate but Cory is definitely one of those few people. Cory is an expert negotiator and takes pride in the art and skill of negotiations and has studied extensive negotiation strategies and tactics. All offers will be reviewed, explained and together we will evaluate the best negotiation tactic to obtain your goals.

Pricing Strategy

Cory Holtzman will personally prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) comprised of recent sales comparable and market trends just for your home. Cory will meet with you for an in-home consultation to discuss and accurately determine the optimum listing strategy with the highest potential selling price in today’s market.

Staging your home – Grab those Buyers!

Prospective buyers have to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. Buyer’s also many times use up the majority of their cash for their down payment and are typically concerned about having to invest more money into newly purchased home. Cory always has his eyes on the details! Cory’s extensive experience working with both buyers and sellers has shown him what details prospective buyers are looking for.

Personal Service and Dedication

Cory possesses stellar interpersonal and communication skills. During a sale you will be constantly updated on scheduling, buyer’s activity reports and feedback, offers and escrow process. Phone calls, emails, texting and meetings will all be handled personally by Cory and all communication will be responded to promptly. Personal service and attention is Cory’s goal to maintain your confidence as a seller and to ensure a successful outcome. Cory will be there for you every step of the way! Contact Cory Holtzman to schedule a consultation.

Your Time is Important!

Cory understands that we all have careers, families and vacations to tend to. Cory will assist in coordinating everything from preparing your home for sale to open houses around your schedule. Cory also uses the latest technology to assist you in signing all documents through an electronic signature system that is extremely user friendly and can even be used on your mobile smartphone or tablet. Cory has represented clients on property that have been too busy to meet or even on a short vacation out of the country.

Marketing Strategy – Creating Buyer Demand!

Cory Holtzman’s extensive experience in real estate has led him to develop progressive and personalized real estate solutions. Cory believes in applying progressive marketing methods to effectively reach target buyers. Each marketing plan is custom tailored and personalized to each home to effectively market the highlight features of every home. Click here to review Cory’s marketing strategy and to learn how to drive buyers to your home.