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Marketing Strategy

Marketing your property effectively and efficiently is key to selling any home. Cory’s professional and educational background in real estate has led him to develop progressive and personalized real estate solutions to just that. Cory will meet with you to create and plan a progressive and personalized marketing campaign for the sale of your home and customized to your own needs. Contact Cory Holtzman for a consultation.
Progressive – Your home will marketed using the latest in marketing tools and trends. The main focus will be on internet advertising to high level networking and high quality marketing brochures and flyers. Your property will be marketed with the most effective means to saturate the advertising market to ensure the largest exposure of your home on both local and nationwide markets.
Personalized – Every seller and home needs are different and requires a personalized marketing plan to ensure the successful sale of your property. Cory Holtzman will personally prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) comprised of recent sales comparables and market trends just for your home. Cory will meet with you for an in home consultation to discuss and accurately determine the optimum listing strategy with the highest potential selling price in today’s market and to plan relocation to your next home.
Please review the marketing tools outline below with the types of resources and materials Cory Holtzman will apply to market your property.

Internet Marketing

With new and modern technology progressing at an outstanding rate; Internet marketing is one of the most effective avenues in marketing your property. Statistics have shown that more than 80% of people begin their new home search using the internet with a 78.6% penetration factor using internet marketing. More than 272 million people in North America are regular internet and email users. That is 151.7% increase over the last 10 years. Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities where the majority of people are up to date with current technology if not the leaders which makes for effective internet marketing campaigns.

Email Blast

Frequent email blasts and email marketing is an excellent tool to market your property by keeping buyers and agents aware of your home for sale. The objective is to send out marketing e-flyers, brochures and eye catching information to an exclusive email list of local agents, relocation specialists, potential home buyers and more. Most real estate agents and buyers are working and receiving information via email on a daily basis therefore we want to target this online market to reach a significant audience that seeks the latest information on the real estate market. Your property will be professionally advertised through email marketing to over 100,000 agents and buyers in the Los Angeles and other areas to maximize exposure.

Your home will have prime exposure on Cory Holtzman’s personal website which is visited daily by potential buyers and sellers seeking the most current homes for sale.

Multiple Listing Service (

The MLS is the first destination for thousands of agents representing home-buyers worldwide. The MLS ensures that your property will have full local and national coverage with detailed information and photos for potential buyers and their agents. Your property will receive a detailed description, professional quality photos and Cory Holtzman’s direct contact information displayed on the MLS.

Exclusive Property Website

A property website is excellent tool will be presented in an effective manner to lead the potential buyers to want to view the home in person. The property website will also assist in maximizing online visibility and promotion.

Your property will be featured on to maximize nationwide exposure to all members of National Association of Realtors and California association of Realtors including all sub chapters.

Syndication – Maximizing Internet Exposure

Cory Holtzman works with syndication firms to maximize your home’s internet exposure to numerous real estate and networking sites that are popular and commonly used. Please see a few listed below that you may be familiar with.


Networking is key part of marketing real estate. Your property will be advertised on social media websites where I maintain constant contact with many buyers and sellers. I regularly maintain open networking with a variety of networking resources and individuals to ensure that they are familiar with your property such as:

  • Local and Nationwide network of Realtors
  • Business Managers
  • Developers and Investors
  • Relocation Specialists
  • Entertainment Industry Contacts
  • And More!

Professional Photography with Image Enhancements

Buyers must be drawn in by the pictures displayed of your home. For this reason Cory will assist in prepping and staging your home to allow for a professional photographer with image enhancements to capture the true beauty of your home.

Staging your home – Grab those Buyers!

Prospective buyers have to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. Buyer’s also many times use up the majority of their cash for their down payment and are typically concerned about having to invest more money into newly purchased home. Cory always has his eyes on the details! Cory’s extensive experience working with both buyers and sellers has shown him what details prospective buyers are looking for.

On-Site Property Marketing

Your property will have an eye-catching for sale sign with my personal logo displayed in front of your property to take advantage of the drive by traffic and keep the neighbors talking to their friends and family that may be looking to purchase a home in your neighborhood. Keeping it simple and clean, we want interested parties to contact Cory directly for more information not just to provide them with a property website to perform their own investigation.

Open Houses – Public and Brokers

All open houses will have custom full color property flyers or brochures for visitors and real estate agents displaying pictures and details of your home and direct contact information. A simple sign in sheet will be provided to capture visitors’ names and contact information for critical follow-up by Cory Holtzman personally following the open house.

High Quality Print Advertising – Flyers and Postcards

Your home will have high quality full color print advertising for distribution to target markets and to notify neighbors of your home for sale or open house. Your neighbors are an excellent resource for word of mouth advertising to other friends and family that may be looking for a home in your neighborhood. Print advertising options will include features in: The Los Angeles Times, MLS Open House Guide, consumer and trade magazines, door hanger or postcard distribution.

Marketing Tool #1 – Cory Holtzman

Selling your home is more than finding a buyer and closing a sale and is often one of the most important personal financial decisions you will make. Cory Holtzman’s extensive experience and educational background in real estate has led him to develop progressive and personalized real estate solutions. Cory Holtzman’s expertise in marketing, finance and contractual negotiations is the solution for successful real estate transactions. You deserve an expert that can represent you and rely on to advise you and represent your best interests. If you are considering selling your home please contact Cory Holtzman for a confidential consultation.