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Dan Kravets

Agent & Team Leader
BRE 02076180
Dan Kravets was born in Sderot, Israel, where he spent his early childhood before moving to Baltimore, Maryland. Dan studied business management before redirecting his focus to sales where he began his career at sports magazine publication. Dan learned the importance of communication, marketing, and management. After only a year, Dan became one of the top salesmen of the company and knew he wanted a long-term career in sales. Dan Kravets moved to Los Angeles in 2016 where he met Cory Holtzman through a family friend. Dan drawn to Real Estate after seeing how highly everyone spoke of Cory Holtzman’s and Cory’s ability to help clients achieve their desired results for their real estate transaction. Cory’s morale of being a businessman before a salesman and prioritizing his client’s needs above all is what drew Dan Kravets to become a part of the team.